Mykonos Biennale Trans-Allegoria

Video Graffiti

Official Film Selection

"EMBRACES & the touch of skin" Poster

"Embraces & The Touch Of Skin"

dir. by Sara Koppel, Denmark
runtime: 3 min
“EMBRACES & the touch of skin” is an animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.

Divine Comedy

dir. by Behnaz Zahmatkesh, Iran
runtime: 12 min
A painter who sleeps in a grave dreamed a Desert like the limb. Ghosts were dancing on the fire. The painter wakes up. Radio was reciting a part of Dante's divine comedy...painting his dream on a clear canvas. He was looking for his lost love in the Virtual space. He was going around cold graves among the people. He finds his lover and invites her to real world, but he got a failure for his attempt from the back of cellphone display in virtual heaven.
Holiday colors Poster

Holiday Colors

dir. by Marco Cucurnia, Marco Cucurnia
runtime: 8 min
The colors will come back from the holidays. Marco Cucurnia
Invisible Sculpture_019 Poster

Invisible Sculpture_019

dir. by Capitana F, Germany
runtime: 7 min
Invisible Sculpture is based on a reversal of the sculptural working technique of the lost mould. Understood as a process result, each Invisible Sculpture comprises various types of materiality or medium/form variations. In order to secure the trace evidence, something totally arbitrary is placed on a working underlay and treated with colour. This initial manoeuvre is followed by the partial marking of the arbitrary item via moulding. The result from the separation of the two, i.e. the physical marking on the one hand and the subtraction of the arbitrary item on the other, is sensual data which activates the reversal. The “temporary markings” (Rosalind E. Krauss) are captured via long-exposure photographs or video.
Rivanna River Diaries: The School Poster

Rivanna River Diaries: The School

dir. by Alexandria Searls, United States
runtime: 2 min
In this silent, one-and-a-half minute film, we gaze from the bottom of the river into the sky. "The School" is part of a series called "Rivanna River Diaries" that explores the views within a river.
Rooftop Refugee Poster

Rooftop Refugee

dir. by Alexandra Brodski, United Kingdom
runtime: 14 min
Rooftop Refugee is a comedy that follows Martha as she attends her daughter Kylie's annual summer performance. The event is thrown into chaos by Mehdi, a young Syrian refugee boy who is threatening to jump from the school rooftop
Seven kinds of Satisfaction Poster

Seven Kinds Of Satisfaction

dir. by Armin Monfared, Germany
runtime: 7 min
Martha´s loneliness brings her to the craziest ideas, which pretend to her the little death.
Stormchoir - Spawn of Erdenvolk Poster

Stormchoir - Spawn Of Erdenvolk

dir. by Matthew Gibson, Russian Federation
runtime: 5 min
Music video for the band Stormchoir performing their song "Spawn of Erdenvolk." Shot in Vladivostok, Russia.
Wound Poster


dir. by Nima Valibeigi, Iran
runtime: 22 min
A short film about suicide showing different personalities of a person with surrealistic and symbolic approach and emphasis on images.